I L Y A N A   M A R T I N E Z

Z'otz* Collective

Nahúm Flores, Erik Jerezano, and Ilyana Martínez met one day and created a new entity – Z’otz* (Mayan word for “bat”) – an amalgamation of their personalities and a fusion of their artistic styles. Z’otz* appears weekly in the invented worlds it creates and inhabits. Here, these curious souls explore the freedom of the absurd through experimental collaboration. Z’otz* has taught these three artists to read images, forms and colours with their souls, and to respond viscerally to them. The emergence of this new beginning – Z’otz* – has been liberating, allowing them the space to let go, and play.



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I'm Preoccupied



Perfect Balance



The Instructor



The Departure



A Little Courtesy with the Sun



Wall of Desires



Santa Has Been Robbed



Revolution Anniversary






Persuading the Plants



Inaudible Happiness



I Saw Him Arrive



The Shell Collector

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